St. John’s philosophy and mission goes hand in hand with the richness and diversity dance offers. Dance is a lifelong learning activity, an art form and educational medium, stimulated in school from the early ages in Kindergarten until the end of High School.

Throughout the year, students practise a large number of performances and events, giving a variety of opportunities to participate and gain experience on stage. 
The unique diversity of nationalities and cultural backgrounds at St. John's is reflected in the dance curriculum.
Students are actively engaged during dance class by sharing their knowledge and traditions about dance. 


During the early years, our main focus in the dance curriculum is on body awareness, spacial awareness, musicality and creativity. Through games based upon the children’s imagination, we explore the world of dance. The first basic universal dance positions are taught, and simple choreographies are learned in class and performed on stage.

In Middle School, dance classes become more challenging by introducing a technical dance routine. Throughout the year we focus on modern dance, jazz dance and lyrical dance. Technical dance skills such as turns, jumps and battement are explained in depth and practiced in class on a permanent base.

Choreographies are taught, but students are continuously encouraged to create their own dances from music of their choice.

Dance engages the students physically and mentally. Perseverance, self-consciousness, teamwork, coordination, memorization, courage and self-esteem are further developed through participation in dance.

The philosophy for grade 9 dance class is that everybody who wants to dance, can dance. During the school year, a diversity of dance forms and their basic movements are taught, for example: hip-hop, jazz dance, modern dance, classical ballet, Zumba, yoga, and Bollywood, to name just a few.

In High School grades 10,11 and 12, dance becomes an elective. Although some knowledge is useful, the dance class is open to all students with a passion for dance and with the will to learn.

Dance routines and choreographies are physically and technically more rigorous. Modern dance, Lyrical dance, and Hip Hop are the core dance forms of the programme.