Reopening our Doors

Currently our Grade 5 and Grade 9 students have partially restarted on-campus lessons. We have introduced child-supervision services for families who require it  and are gearing up to welcome more and more students back to their school.  We continue to deliver a rich curriculum to our remote learning students with live-streamed teacher-lead lessons.

Overview Remote Learning at St. John’s

We developed our Remote Learning Plan using resources and inspiration from schools around the world, as well as on tried-and-tested contingency plans designed to cope with disruptive school closure events.

Within the Inspired Group, we also rely on the resources and best practices developed, based on over 100,000 hours of e-learning that have been completed since the recent school closures.

Once we needed to close the school, the Remote Learning Plan kicks into action one working day after the campus needs to close.

We not only guarantee that learning will not be interrupted with school closures. Our Remote Learning is held to the same high standards as our regular teaching and learning practices, linked to our values of companionship, integrity, and respect. Student well-being and wellness will continue to remain at the top of teachers' minds each [virtual] school day.

Continual assessments continue, and if additional support is needed, we will provide extra 1:1 tuition, group support sessions, and mentoring.

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Our Remote Learning Plan

Aims to create meaningful learning for our students

Remote learning may be completed independently or collaboratively online, depending on the task assigned by the teacher. The learning will engage students with new teaching, practice activities, discussion, or an opportunity to demonstrate how they gained knowledge in written form.

As far as possible, the learning will connect to current units.

What our students have to say

Grade 6

"It is great that we are not kept exclusively in front of the screen. I can still dance and play the piano via online classes."

Grade 7

"Our teachers are very flexible and even help during their break-times so that we can learn even under difficult circumstances."

Grade 8

"I get all the help I need for assignments, and teachers answer my questions quickly. They worked hard to have us continue to learn online. I'm very happy about that."

Grade 9

“I am happy that we are not falling behind in our learning. We have a proper system that works, so we miss as little class as possible. This motivates me to stay safe and fit during this hard time that the school is passing through.”

Grade 10

“Remote learning is much better than I expected. I feel that I am still learning a lot while I can interact freely with my teachers and get support.”

Grade 11

“We do not just cover the material, but we cover it well, I feel that my learning is as deep as it was before and I can get in touch with whoever I need when I need to.”

Grade 12

“I am grateful to have people around me able to answer questions whenever I have some. My teachers have been very responsive, and they keep on pushing to motivate us. In times of preparing for the gruelling IB diploma process, I feel I will be well-prepared both from an academic as well as a mental perspective.”