Our Approach

At St. John's we are a holistic learning community, that focuses on the individual needs of each student, ensuring they acquire not just curricular knowledge, but a range of competencies and skills that will help them to collaborate and communicate in the world beyond school. Our approach is global and we aim to nurture our students' curiosity, giving them the tools they need to navigate a globalised world, where understanding multiple perspectives and solving problems is vital.

The Inspired 'Three Pillars' approach lends itself to this engaging environment, focusing on the three core elements of Academics, Sport, and the Creative and Performing Arts. While we are ambitious for our students academically, we also recognise the benefits that come from a broad, balanced and well-rounded education, ensuring our students develop a life-long love of learning, as well as the skills necessary to achieve their full potential.

international education

International Education at St. Johns

We are proud to provide a truly international education, delivering an all-through International Baccalaureate (IP) programme that empowers learners to reach their full potential. Our history of outstanding academic results is a testament to both the commitment of our students and the solid foundations of exceptional academics that we have established since opening our doors to students for the first time in 1964.

St John's is the leading International School in Belgium to offer the IB Continuum, which provides our learners with the Primary Years Programme (PYP) for ages 3 to 12, the Middle Years Programme (MYP) for ages 11 to 16, and the Diploma Programme (DP) for students aged 16+.

Students at Diploma stage may also choose to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses and we offer five flexible graduation pathways that boast combinations of the IB Diploma; Advanced Placement credits; and the St. John's High School Diploma. We strive to ensure that students find the path that best suits their interests, strengths, college and career aspirations.


The IB Framework

The IB is a highly respected global educational framework and we were one of the first schools in Belgium to adopt it. The benefits of the IB programme are now becoming more widely known, including that IB students are more likely than their non-IB peers to complete undergraduate degrees and go on to top positions in the workplace. Research also shows that IB graduates are more likely to actively engage in various aspects of university life such as volunteering for community service, completing internships, leading student activities, and undertaking research - all attributes that will support their university and college applications. IB students gain these advantages as a result of following a curriculum that is both broad and deep, while being encouraged to think independently, and take an active role in their own learning. Regardless of which graduation pathway our students choose to take, they are all part of the IB framework.

We track student attainment against brief online skills assessments and use this data, along with our personal knowledge of the students, to ensure they are performing as they should be academically. Students' individual needs are at the heart of the way we work and this ensures we can help them to fulfil their potential. 

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