St. John's Alumni/ae

St. John’s Alumni/ae can be found in almost every part of the world, following careers in a wide variety of disciplines. They are an impressive group of people and an obvious common denominator is their ability to connect quickly at a human level with new people. St. John's welcomes visits from alumni, both individually and as part of a larger gathering. Alumni events are also held from time to time, most recently in London. Most classes have a nominated coordinator and they can be reached by contacting Sebastian Dohem.

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Please contact the school office at to schedule a visit to campus.

"Our buddy family and the St. John's staff have been very helpful. We feel part of a very warm and welcoming community."

"The school does a really good job in welcoming new families and the transition was smooth. Our child felt welcome and integrated from essentially the first day."

"With hindsight - having experienced several leading universities in Europe and North America, as well as now the diplomatic community - I am confident that St. John's is amongst the top educational institutions in the world for the leaders of tomorrow"

"I strongly believe that it was due to the unique atmosphere created by St. John's that I was able to push beyond self-imposed limits and achieve more than that I thought was possible."

"St. John's was my school, my family's 'family', our main community, and a source of joy."

"I attended 5 different high schools and St. John's was by far my favorite school."

"I had never experienced such a diverse and accepting student body and faculty before St. John's."

"My time at St. John's was some of the happiest of my life. I will always treasure the memories."

"St. John's is truly the most amazing school I have ever been a part of. The love and dedication of the staff for the parents and students makes St. John's the best school around."

"Our son has had a great time adjusting to his new environment, and we have felt very welcomed and supported."

"St. John's school staff are people who care about not only the school and the community, but for each individual child. You are not just a number at this school - you are special."

"The welcome we have received has been unbelievable , we have never experienced it elsewhere!"