Our Track Record of Excellence

At St. John's, our students achieve consistently exceptional results, which are both a testament to their commitment and the strong foundations of academic excellence we have been building at the school for more than 60 years. The IBDP is highly regarded by universities around the world, and we support all students who wish to pursue a Diploma Programme. We are incredibly proud of the results they achieve, with 100% of our students passing their High School qualification, and many achieving IBDP scores enabling them to continue their learning at the world's best universities.

2023 IB Results

In 2023 an impressive 54% of our graduates earned the prestigious IB Bilingual Diploma, which means they are able to demonstrate significant proficiency in two languages. Our IDBP average for 2023 was 32 points, with many students scoring 38 points and above - the kind of numbers necessary for acceptance at top universities around the globe.


of our students pass their High School qualification


of students achieve the prestigious IB Bilingual Diploma


Average IBDP score

We support our students to have the best possible IB experience - preparing them to be happy and successful global citizens, as well as reaching their full academic potential. Many of our students go on to continue their learning at leading universities around the world.

— Mr. Kevin Foyle, HEAD OF SCHOOL

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