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Vive la Rentrée!


And what a return it has been! We have sweltered in temperatures more akin to Barbados or Bahrain and we have battled through the numerous roadworks and diversions to get to school on time. I was convinced that we wouldn’t see half the school until break time on our first day back, but no, the theatre was full to the rafters for our Beginning of Year MHS Assembly at 8.30 on Tuesday.

It is great to be back and, for me, the novel pleasure of not being the new girl any more is very welcome! Indeed, my return from holiday was a world away from last year: excitement tinged with a frisson of fear of the unknown has been replaced with excitement for the year ahead and the sense of coming home. I can appreciate most keenly how all the new families and teachers must be feeling, particularly those who have relocated from another part of the world. Navigating the paperwork and practicalities of living in a new country certainly add an extra dimension to the already challenging task of moving house. Thank goodness for the warm welcome from school, the welcome committee and the indispensable Welcome Booklet – still, my go-to document whenever we are in a domestic fix!

For me, this school year is also a significant one as our eldest is now in his final year of school. How did this happen? It really does not feel like twelve years since we were taking those first days of school photos with George in his smart school uniform and the blondest of hair. So as the school year begins, I would like to relay the words of one of last year’s Grade 12 mums when I asked her advice at the Prom Reception on how best to navigate this significant year. Her advice was simply to “enjoy it”. Good advice for all ages really – enjoy being a parent, enjoy being there for your children and everything else will follow.

Have a great year!