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Passions shine through the MYP Personal Projects


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For this year, my personal project consisted of making my own 10-minute short film that included the genres of science fiction, action, and romance, which was achieved by doing the script, scenes, filming, and editing. Throughout the process, I learned so many new things that were related to this topic. It gave me an opportunity to increase my levels of confidence, integrity, and leadership, as well as thinking skills. I was very lucky to have the chance to create this film as my product, along with the actors I chose to play each role in the movie. I must say that it was a lot of fun to do this movie for my Personal Project this year, and I hope that the skills I learned will help me achieve many other projects in the upcoming years.

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For the Personal Project, I took the opportunity to research a subject that I happen to be very interested in and felt that I could continue to work on in the future. My subject is cystic fibrosis, a hereditary disease which targets the lungs and digestive system. I chose this topic because I had been previously introduced to it through a book I had read, and a film I had seen a few years ago. The result of my project is a short video about the disease and how it affects its patients from physical sickness all the way to their lifestyle.

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As a big lover of sea water sports, this summer for my vacation I went to a Kitesurfing camp in Guadeloupe. While I was kitesurfing, I was completely shocked by all the waste around me. That is why I then thought why not create a piece of art that represents what I was seeing around me while kitesurfing? To communicate with people I have decided to make a powerful video with shocking images. I hope that my video will make people's habits change!!! 

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My personal project consists of looking at face masks and their effect on society, especially on students of our school, as we have all been wearing them daily for many months. My goal was to produce creative and innovative facemasks using recycled materials and personalizing them with funny or joyful messages, as well as a video clip containing interviews from students in different grades at school. I used my personal as well as other’s expression linking to the global context, personal and cultural expression. 

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For my personal project, I started by looking at some of my favourite characters in fiction and the settings they came from in order to introduce others to the world of character creation. Eventually, with some difficulty, I managed to pull myself away from the reading to get to work on my project. This project evolved over time from a PowerPoint presentation to a physical pamphlet. In the end, I created a lightweight resource that anyone could use to get started on their character-creating journey.

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My personal project has been to write a report talking about the problem of space junk, and to make a globe to illustrate the problem. I did this to expand my knowledge about space around earth and to spread awareness of the problem we are setting for ourselves.

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For my International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme Personal Project, I decided to build an automatic incubator that is capable of hatching eggs thanks to Arduinos that I  coded myself. An Arduino is a microcontroller that can be coded to perform tasks that can range from making a light blink when a button is pushed to much more developed project such as building an intelligent robot. Moreover, for my global context, I chose Scientific and Technical Innovation, and by extension, I focused on the interaction between people and the natural world, and how humans use their understanding of scientific and technological advances on communities and environments. All in all, my incubator is unique from other industrial incubators, because it is entirely made up of recycled materials and low-cost electronic components, therefore making it easier to build and more accessible to populations in the world that are in need.