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Into the Flow


Flow is one of those 21st century terms for something that has always existed, but in our current times has been given a little added significance by dint of its new label. For those of you not familiar with the term, it describes a state when you are focused, ‘in the zone’ and fully immersed in an activity.

Already this week, the school seems to have reached a really good point of flow, with a really positive buzz in the classrooms and learning zones around school. I have been particularly impressed by the Diploma Program students, I guess partly because their main study area, relaxation and break out space is located right outside my office. This is the first time that I have had an office space so central to school life – in my previous headships, I have been located near the main entrance which has been excellent for meeting and greeting visitors and getting a feel for the comings and goings of school life, but in fact, not so very connected to the real educational purpose, in other words, the students and their learning. But at St John‘s, I am right in the thick of it and can easily tune in to the overarching mood and approach to learning. Bravo to the Grade 11 and 12 students who just seem to have slotted straight into a purposeful, supportive and focused way of working. On a walkabout, I saw the same focus from some of our youngest learners, completely immersed in a maths puzzle whilst waiting to have their school photographs taken – enjoying working collaboratively and very happy to let me have a go too!

And alongside the study, the vast array of activities and sport have all taken off; casting complete for the whole school production of Hello Dolly, clubs up and running, sports practices in place, all with excellent levels of participation and engagement.

Let the year flow on!