The concept of service is interwoven into all levels of the International Baccalaureate, for all students from the very youngest members of our student body. All students are encouraged to support local charities and fundraising events. Older students even plan their own projects such as support for “Born in Africa” (, a development programme based in South Africa.

We encourage and support our students to develop a sense of generosity of spirit and to take action for causes that lie close to their heart. Central to the IB philosophy is the desire to have a positive impact and make a difference in the world. It is wonderful to see our students embracing this ethos.

Service is an integral part of the IB Diploma as expressed through the Creativity, Activity and Service Programme (CAS). Simply put, CAS continues a student’s education outside of the classroom. It is an opportunity to develop skills and interests, and to contribute to various communities.

CAS is intended to help students develop as individuals, through a process of self-discovery, self-awareness and reflection. They will assess their strengths and areas they wish to work on, and will reflect on the activities as they carry them out.

A good CAS Programme must relate to a student’s personal qualities, aims and ambitions, so that it is relevant and has powerful learning value. Setting goals, making plans to achieve them and reflecting on outcomes is fundamental to experiential learning. 

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