IB DP Results And University Destinations

An outstanding performance! St. John’s International School is proud to announce the superb IB Diploma results for the Class of 2021:


Top Results

The Class of 2021 IB students achieved a highly impressive average point score of 36, continuing the school’s upward trend over the past three years. This lifts us into a category where a student scoring the average alone would qualify them for consideration by top universities for placement.

A full 40% of the students scored 38 points or more, which is the benchmark result for access to the most prestigious universities around the world, including Ivy League in the US or Oxford and the Russell Group in the UK.

The Bi-lingual Diploma

A full 50% of the year group secured the Bi-lingual Diploma qualification. As a school with a long history of successful language learning, it is wonderful to see so many of our students achieve this highly-regarded qualification again.

Inclusive Approach

In contrast to many other schools, St. John’s is non-selective and enables all students to take IB examinations. Our students with inclusive arrangements and Learning Support needs all performed exceptionally well, passing with flying colours.

The Advanced Placement (AP)

Many of our students also sat AP examinations in Grade 11 on top of their IB courses for added stretch and challenge, confirming further their academic strengths.

We are delighted to see that in the context of the Covid situation in Belgium this school year, the school’s emphasis on protecting teaching time to the maximum for the IBDP candidates has paid off.

It all started with teachers facilitating a smooth and speedy transition to virtual classroom teaching at the very beginning of the lockdown in the midst of the students’ DP journey. With excellent support and mentoring in place, as well as clearly defined structures to ensure timely coursework submission, teachers put in tremendous efforts to support the students above and beyond their regular teaching time. We must also commend our students who displayed phenomenal focus and determination throughout the course, culminating in a perfect 100% attendance rate for both the mock exams and the final exams, which took place under excellent conditions in school.

These were all crucial factors that worked in unison to achieve truly outstanding IB results in this most exceptional of years.

Congratulations to all on these fabulous results!