St. John’s offers a wide variety of after-school activities

Extra curricular activities play an important role in the lives of middle and high school students. With a wide range of activities and clubs on offer before school, over lunchtime and after school, St. John’s students have excellent opportunities to try new things, improve their skills and immerse themselves in areas they are passionate about. Extra-curricular activities fall into a number of categories:

  • Lunchtime clubs and activities
  • After school/Before school sports programmes
  • Service projects (CAS)
  • Outward bound/adventure

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  • Basketball
  • Climbing wall
  • Floor hockey
  • Gymnastics
  • Multisports
  • Running
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Art & Crafts
  • Band
  • Choir
  • Dance Video Clip
  • Drama
  • Pottery Club
  • Computer Coding
  • French Club
  • English Club

Extra-curricular and After School Activities Descriptions


This weekly clinic is designed to introduce and improve the fundamentals of the game, including dribbling, passing, and shooting. Skill development will be achieved through fun games and challenges with a focus on fostering strong team work. All abilities and levels will be catered for. We will divide the players in U8 Team & U10 Team with weekly practices and some friendly games with other schools on Saturdays. Coach Thomas & Coach Laurent are bringing an extensive knowledge for the game of basketball, with over 10 years’ experience from the Middle & High School Basketball Team within the ISST’s.


Baseball, softball, tee-ball, kickball will all be played. The programme is designed to give children the opportunity to learn and practice the fundamentals of the sport as well as teamwork, sportsmanship & fair play. Age appropriate equipment is used in teaching throwing, catching, batting, running and agility. From swinging a bat to throwing a ball to running around the bases, your child will be in motion all the time while playing baseball. This will get their heart rate going and help them build up their endurance. It will also help their muscles get stronger and make them more flexible. It will be, above all else, fun

MHS Softball

Open to middle and high school students of all levels. Our focus will be on developing fundamental skills, understanding the rules of the game, and most importantly, having fun. We'll play games every week - from scrimmage games to batting contests - and work on fostering softball specific skills and strategy, as well as broader teamwork and athletic abilities. Let's play ball!"


Swimming lessons from basics to competitive swimming. The lessons are open to anyone wishing to improve their swimming skills. The main goal of this programme is to further develop the knowledge of swimming and to give students a comfortable posture and confidence whilst swimming. Open to anyone even with no swimming background. You will need a swim suit (one piece for girls, no shorts for boys), a swimming cap, goggles and a towel. For the Swim Team Winter season practices & competitions, please go through the Athletic Department. The bus leaves school at 3.45 for the Waterloo swimming pool and parents will collect their child at the pool for 5.15.


One of the most popular team game sports were each player will play and progress on his own individual skills but also will learn, have fun and work within a team. The sessions will start with a warm up, specific exercises to reinforce the basics (control, passes, running) and will finish with a little match to work on positioning during a game. We have a U8 Team and a U10 Team with friendly competitions against other schools on some Saturdays. The goal for this activity is to work and progress on their skills, strategies and basic rules of football in a fair-play environment. The purpose is to play with St. John's friends and have a lot of FUN.


This Martial Art comes directly from South Korea, and contains a lot of virtues such as self-confidence, self-control, modesty, perseverance and integrity just to mention the pillars. Taekwondo is a Martial Art, using every part of the body. This includes kicks, punches, hand and foot blocks, sweeps, joint locks, grappling and throws as well as it is also practiced as an Olympic sport. But moreover, taekwondo is based on principles that helps both mind and body to be reinforced together: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, indomitable spirit and self-control. Those principles are infused throughout the class by exercising. The students continuing the class after the first session need to have a dobok (uniform). They can buy it from the Master. The fee includes testing and examination with belt ceremony. Master Park, a South Korean, is a Taekwondo Master who graduated in Martial Arts from Incheon University, in South Korea, and cumulated more than 30 years of practice in this Olympic sport. He has been teaching taekwondo also during seminars in Europe like Switzerland, Finland, Danemark, and France.


The Chess Club offered by Francois Haulotte will be open to grade 1-8 students of all abilities, from absolute beginners to experts. The students will get to enjoy learning about and playing chess while sharpening their skills a lot and having the opportunity to pit their wits against “The Coach”, who is a former Champion. It is recommended that students bring a small snack to be ready on maximum power!


All students are welcome from complete beginners through to experienced competition players. Specific tennis programmes are designed and delivered in a fun, safe and secure environment where students can develop and enhance their tennis skills at a pace suitable to them. Our programmes offer more than just tennis. It is a about having fun, making friends, building confidence and developing positive attitudes for life-long fitness. All tennis lessons are delivered using the latest innovative programmes.

MHS Art Club

If you are a high school student who is interested in developing a personal creative project in the art or you are looking for a project for CAS creativity and want to explore either drawing, painting, printmaking, digital photography, ceramics, sculpture, collage architectural model-making or mixed media or you would like to get involved in a group project or to design and paint a large scale mural around school then come to art club on Monday after school in the art studio and explore your ideas and imagination.

Piano Ensemble

If you are pianist in Middle or High School, come along to learn how to accompany and play duets and trios. We have fun enjoying learning new repertoire and working on ensemble skills as pianists. There is an opportunity to perform at the end of the season but most of all you can enjoy playing piano with others.