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Welcome to St. John’s Middle & High School! We offer students in grades 6-12 a safe and challenging learning environment with a strong emphasis on experiential learning and reflection. We support all students with their diverse learning needs and have a strong commitment to both English language and mother-tongue language development.

We are committed to guiding students in the development of habits and skills that ensure success in high school and beyond, and to helping students discover and explore their own unique interests and passions so that they can lead flourishing lives and impact the world as people of integrity and respect.


We know that our students will best flourish if they lead well rounded balanced lives and are given the opportunity to develop their talents to the full. Our curriculum, our sporting, artistic and musical programmes are second to none.  We also have an incredible co-curricular and service learning programme to complement our academics.

We delight in the diversity of our pupils who come with unique gifts, experiences and attributes which enable our school to grow. In our High School, each student is known and treasured as a unique individual. We see a student as more than a set of grades or exam results. Our staff members have many years of experience in helping adolescents to grow and your child will make friendships here which will last a lifetime.

I look forward to having the chance to meet you and show you around our exciting, vibrant school.

Simon Vanderkelen

St. John’s has a long tradition of providing students with unique opportunities to develop skills beyond the classroom. Our world-class sporting facilities, membership of the prestigious International Schools Sports Tournament (ISST) and commitment to sources outstanding professional level coaches ensures the best access possible to a range of sports including soccer, volleyball, cross country, swimming, golf, tennis, baseball, softball, basketball, rugby and track and field. The emphasis is on participation and skill development. Our teams compete locally and also internationally with other ISST member schools, taking our students to the UK, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands and France regularly.

St. John’s also boasts professional level facilities for Dance, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts. Our productions, performances and exhibitions are second to none and attract audiences from all over Europe. Our Dance and Music programmes are showcased annually in stunning performances in our 400 seat theatre, our Visual Art students prepare for annual Middle School, High School and IB Diploma exhibition opportunities in our vast gallery space, and we present one or two major productions annually often involving over 100 students.  

At St. John’s, we offer a consistent International Baccalaureate curriculum to every student from Pre-K to Grade 12. In the Middle and High School, students study within the rigorous IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) framework which is designed to engage adolescents in learning and to prepare students for the demands of the IB Diploma programme. Our classrooms and learning spaces instil a life-long passion for learning. There are many opportunities to personalise learning through inquiry opportunities within both the IB MYP and IB Diploma. Our very experienced teachers guide and mentor students so that they can reach their potential.

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The values-based nature of our school manifests itself in a strong focus on student well being. The well being of our students is our number one priority at St. John’s. The Middle and High School has a dedicated Student Support Team which works with our students, their families and our teachers to make sure that the social-emotional needs of our community are met. Transition to a new school and a new country presents itself with unique challenges and opportunities to grow. Our Student Support Team is very experienced in accompanying our students in their transition journey.

We asked recent graduates to describe their experience at St. John's:


"At St. John's you create a true relationship with your friends and teachers.


"International schools are fantastic places to be, yet St. John's really does possess a community feel that is hard to find elsewhere."


"St. John's teachers are open-minded and always there for you, for anything you need or want to talk about - that's what's special."


"St. John's is where I spent the majority of my life learning, not just about academic subjects, but about life and being a morally just person."


"Very few schools in the world offer what St. John's does in terms of extra-curricular activities. If you have the chance to be part of something, take that chance. You never know if you'll get another chance."


"Meeting people with different ways of thinking helps us to understand each other better and to see different perspectives."


"St. John's is special because every person here can feel at home. You are welcomed as you are, and it is a place where you have the opportunity to express yourself for who you are."


"St. John's has become my community in Belgium. The friends I have made here are ones I know I will stay in contact with far beyond graduation."