Languages connect

At St. John’s International School, we offer a variety of language programmes to stimulate multilingualism and empower international students to stay connected with their heritage, language, and culture.

One of our three values at St. John’s promotes the appreciation of diversity in the world. Acquiring another language allows our students to interact with different people and understand the nuances of another culture. Mastering another language enables us to communicate and connect with more people. These programmes approach the learning process as a collaborative effort between students, parents, and teachers.

In the Early Years and in Primary we offer our Dual Language Programme (DLP) French and English, so the majority of our students becomes bilingual and bi-literate. In grades 9 and 10, we have an extensive Mother Tongue Programme, and during the IB diploma years, we offer Self-Taught Literature as a key course. St. John’s is proud to teach eight languages as part of these programmes, so far this year. These are currently: Portuguese, Italian, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Korean, Japanese, and Turkish. We have teachers for many others available and pro-actively work with families to add more, as students with other mother tongues join our school.

Teacher Bio

Barbara Hultgren - Swedish

“I am a bilingual Austrian citizen, born and raised in the Austrian capital. My alma maters are the university in Vienna and the university in Uppsala/Sweden. I have a master in Swedish, linguistics, literature studies, psychology and history. For almost 30 years, I commuted between Vienna and Stockholm as I worked as a conference interpreter and translator. In May 1994, I was also a university lecturer for Swedish and got a request to take over a small IB-class. Ever since, I have been teaching within the IB, all levels for Swedish and German, English for B-level and French/Spanish ab initio. I love to read - both fiction and non-fiction- and to crochet. My husband and I still appreciate to learn new things and look forward to traveling soon again. My friends and co-workers would define me as stubborn but funny, straight forward but fair, demanding but supportive.”