School Fees 2021 - 2022

Thank you for your interest in St. John's. Please find below all the key information regarding our fee structure: 
All fees are expressed and payable in Euros and you can find our terms and conditions here.

Vous pouvez trouver nos modalités et conditions générales ici.



Application fee for new students
 Grades Timbertots - 12  €1.000,00
Campus development fee
 Grades Timbertots - 12 (per new accepted student only, on first admission)  €500,00

The application fee is waived for new students joining us from another school within the Inspired network

(Fees are due within 14 days of the invoice date.)
 Day Care - All Day  €7.000,00
 Day Care - All Day extended  €9.750,00
 Day Care - Morning  €5.550,00
 Day Care - Afternoon  €6.750,00
 Timbertots  €11.900,00
 Pre-Kindergarten  €16.430,00
 Kindergarten  €22.080,00
 Grades 1-2 (Primary School)  €30.890,00
 Grades 3-5 (Primary School)  €31.470,00
 Grade 6 (Middle School)  €33.535,00
 Grades 7-8 (Middle School)  €35.540,00
 Grade 9 (High School)  €36.150,00
 Grades 10-11 (High School)  €37.600,00
 Grade 12 (High School)  €37.600,00
 Grade 13 (Optional)  €37.600,00

Private payers have the option of paying in instalments and enjoy sibling discounts. Contact the Business Office for more information.

Standard Rates
 Round trip  €2.860,00
 One way  €2.130,00

A sibling discount of 10% on the bus fees is available for the second and each subsequent child.


*In addition to tuition fees
 Full Boarding  €15.430
 Weekly Boarding  €13.245