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Sports at St. John's

Sport plays a significant part in life at St. John's, both within the curriculum during PE lessons and as part of our extracurricular offering with after school activities. We encourage all our students to take part in sports, to promote their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing and to help them develop into well-rounded and confident individuals.

We offer a diverse range of sports so that there is something to suit everyone, whether individual or team focused. Students are encouraged to develop a healthy sense of competition, without losing sight of the ideals of athletic competition.


Sports Throughout the Year

At St. John's our Sports programme follows the 3-season model of Fall, Winter and Spring. We practice different sports during each season, so students benefit from experiencing a wide variety of activities.

Fall Sports:

  • Boys Football
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Cross Country

Winter Sports

  • Basketball
  • Swimming

Spring Sports

  • Golf
  • Softball
  • Tennis
  • Girls Football
  • Track and Field

Our Partnership with the NECIS

St. John's is a full member of the Northwest European Council of International Schools (NECIS), alongside other member schools from Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Denmark and Norway.

Most of our sports competitions take place in this context, including an end-of-season event in which students share their efforts and accomplishments with peers from other schools.

This event is an important part of closing the season and students benefit from spending time with fellow competitors.


Our Partnership with the Hulencourt Golf Club

The St. John's Golf team are proud of their partnership with the Hulencourt Golf Club. This programme runs in the Spring season and caters for young golfers with experience in competition. The programme is structured to prepare St. John’s Lions for competing successfully at NECIS Tournaments. The combination of range and on-course instruction helps our juniors to practise and play efficiently.


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