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Performing Arts at St. John's

Here at St. John's we have built a reputation for excellence on the foundations of exceptional academic achievement, but we know that a well-rounded education that supports the whole child, is about more than academics alone. To support this, we have created the largest professionally run performing arts facility of any international school in Belgium and we host theatrical productions, artistic performances, and musical concerts throughout the year.

Our Performing Arts programme enables students to realise their creative and imaginative potential, develop their critical awareness, and understand the fundamental elements of the subject alongside gaining a wide range of technical skills on stage and behind the scenes.

We also host a wide range of exhibitions at our Greene Gallery.

A carefully curated schedule of cultural trips further enriches our students' experience of the performing arts during their time at the school.



We are proud to be a member of the International School Theatre Association, providing opportunities for our students to take part in annual drama festivals around the world.

Our drama curriculum ensures students work on a variety of creative team projects, with teaching covering a broad range of skills including acting, improvisation, scene work, neutral mask, mime, script writing, and film acting techniques.



Music is a highly popular part of the curriculum and the wider life at St. John’s. A broad range of musical activities gives students rich performance experiences and entertains the larger community.

Our music educators are also professional performers who encourage students to express themselves in the classroom, studio, and on stage, in a wide variety of activities, while encouraging development of music literacy.

The Primary School curriculum teaches singing, instruments, and composition, and boasts a healthy choir. In the Middle and High School, students learn classical vocal techniques for effective solo and choral singing, play instruments and work in an ensemble, compose, arrange, and produce studio recordings, and develop an appreciation for diverse musical genres. Performance opportunities abound with professional-quality Musical Theatre shows, Choral concerts, Rock Extravaganza, Classical recitals, and student assemblies, and our St. John’s performers add value to special celebrations such as Family Day, Armistice Day, and Graduation. As a member of AMIS (The Association for Music in International Schools) St. John’s also gives students opportunities to audition for global musical events, such as Honour Choir and Instrumental Music Festivals.



At St. John's our students practice dance from Kindergarten all the way through to High School. We believe in the benefits of dance as a lifelong art form and encourage all our students to learn the basics, including universal dance positions and simple choreography as early as possible.

As our students progress, the Dance programme becomes more challenging and we focus on modern, jazz and lyrical dances alongside technical skills like turns, jumps and battement. Our experienced teachers provide instruction in a wide variety of dance forms, including hip hop, jazz, Zumba, classical ballet, yoga and Bollywood.

Dance becomes an elective subject for students in High School, where choreography and routines become physically and technically more challenging.

We welcome anyone who wants to dance to join the programme, which is open to all students with a passion for the subject and a desire to learn.

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