Learning Support at St John's

Throughout their time at St. John's, students are challenged and supported to reach their full academic potential. Our expert team of Learning Support staff work closely with teachers, united in their shared purpose of enabling all our students to thrive physically, academically and creatively. At St. John's we see each student as an individual and believe in a well-rounded education. Our holistic approach means we work in partnership with learners and their families to ensure that every student is able to achieve their version of success - whatever that may look like.

Learning Support Programme

Our Learning Support Programme is available for all students who learn differently, or who require extra help to achieve their full potential in their academic studies.

We typically focus on providing support in the core academic areas, as well as organisational skills that will help students in a practical way, as we work together towards the goal of enabling them to enjoy a rewarding and successful academic journey.

Teaching is provided either in small groups or as in-class support, depending on the needs of each student.

English as an Additional Language

Students learning English as an Additional Language may require some special provisions. Our teachers will determine how much support is needed and the nature of that support, on an individual basis. We adjust the level of teaching according to each student's needs, with an emphasis on the language comprehension and production demanded by their course of study.


Our Guidance Departments observe and support students in relation to academic placement and programmes at the school. They also offer advice on approaches to learning and support student well-being. Once pupils reach High School, Guidance Counsellors are available to help with choices and applications for tertiary education. Students can meet with Guidance Counsellors for individual, confidential consultations. These sessions are available to any student seeking (or requiring) personal or academic counselling.

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Speech, Language and Occupational Therapy

The services of Speech and Language therapists and an Occupational Therapist are available upon request from teachers and parents, and sessions can be arranged during or after the school day.

The therapists work on a free-lance basis, so their services incur an additional charge which is not included in school fees.