Extracurricular Activities at St. John's

At St. John's we believe in a well-rounded education and we encourage all our learners to participate in our varied and enriching programme of extracurricular activities. Students benefit from a multitude of experiences, including our unrivalled Visual and Performing Arts and Competitive Sports Programmes.


Our Enrichment Programme

The Enrichment Programme at St. John's is an essential part of the holistic education we provide for our students. We offer a multitude of exciting and enriching activities for pupils to expand their learning, focus on their interests, and experience something new.

Many of our High School students lead the extracurricular clubs alongside their teachers, acting as mentors for younger students and creating positive links between different parts of the school.

Activities on offer include competitive sports, visual and performing arts, languages, science and STEM.

Wall Climbing

Visual & Performing Arts:
Art Club
Musical Theatre

Other activities:
Motor Skills
Lego Club
Model United Nations
Student Council
Poetry Appreciation

Extracurricular clubs and activities may be subject to additional fees, please contact our admissions team to find out more.



Visual Arts at St. John's

Throughout their time at St. John's students are encouraged to develop their creativity and learn how to express it in a variety of ways. We introduce our Visual Arts programme to students in Primary School, so they develop an awareness of art appreciation and critical thinking from an early age. This approach sets an important foundation and is excellent preparation for the full IB Art and Design course in High School, where our young artists define skills for life in our Art Studio.

Our Visual Arts programme helps students develop a wide variety of skills, including observational drawing, imaginative composition, collage, ceramics, and art in different media. New technologies are also available to assist with artistic creations.

Visiting artists and cultural trips aid intellectual analysis, interpretation and reflection of art, while the diversity of our student cohort brings personal experiences of art from all over the world.

Our wonderful Greene Gallery hosts many exhibitions from visiting artists and students throughout the year, as well as art from staff members, parents and other members of the St. John’s community.



School Trips

Students at St. John's benefit from a wide variety of trips, chosen to compliment their academic studies and provide real world learning experiences.

Recent trips have included the following:

EU Parliament Visits
TAPS (Theatre) to the UK
German Class trip to Aachen
Sea STEM Day in Mechelin
AMIS Choir Competition in Paris
Inspired Ski Competition in Switzerland (St. George’s International School)
Visit to Eurospace
Grade 7 trip to Munich
Grade 9 and 10 trip to Geneva
Grade 9 trip to Passchendaele
Grade 2 Residential trip to Han-Sur-Lese
Art trips to Paris, Brugge, Ghent
Grade 3-4 residential trip for Ski


Service Projects

A core part of the IB Diploma is Service and all students participate in the Creativity, Activity and Service Programme (CAS). We encourage all students - even our youngest learners, to develop an understanding of what service means, why it is important, and to participate in fundraising events for local charities. Older students at St. John's have the opportunity to plan their own projects, such as support for “Born in Africa” (https://www.borninafrica.org/), a development programme based in South Africa.

The CAS programme continues our student’s education outside of the classroom, providing them with an an opportunity to develop skills and interests, and to contribute to various communities. CAS is intended to help students develop as individuals, through a process of self-discovery, self-awareness, and reflection. Throughout the programme students are required to assess their strengths and identify areas they wish to work on, while reflecting on activities as they participate in them.


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