The purpose of sports at St. John’s International School, both within the curriculum as well as after school, is to promote the physical, mental, moral, and emotional wellbeing of the student-athlete. 


We encourage a winning spirit without losing sight of the ideals of athletic competition.

Students enjoy their sport in PE lessons, team training, through after school activities and during play and free time. The range of sports on offer is purposefully diverse to suit those who prefer individual sport and others who prefer to participate as part of a team.
We have an impressive of on-campus facilities including: 

  • 2 Indoor sports arenas
  • 1 Outdoor full-size Astro-turf football pitch
  • Baseball / Softball diamond
  • Climbing wall
  • 2 multi-use grass areas
  • 3 Tennis Courts

Swimming takes place at Waterloo swimming pool only a few minutes away where students thoroughly enjoy some water slides fun at the end of their swimming class. 

The Sports programme follows the 3-season model of Fall, Winter and Spring during which different sports are practised offering a wide range for all students to be involved.

Cross country  Basketball Softball
Soccer Swimming  Golf
Volleyball Rugby 7’s Tennis
    Track and field

All spring sports teams take part in the respective end-of-season ISST Tournaments with schools from around Europe. These are great occasions and a wonderful experience for our student athletes.


St. John’s is a full member of the International School Sports Tournament (ISST) organization. There are 13 full-member schools in this league. Schools are located across Europe and tournament venues are rotated annually. The ISST currently sanctions eleven sports for 22 championships annually across two divisions.

Partnership with the Hulencourt Golf Club

The  St. John's Golf’s team are proud of their partnership with the Hulencourt Golf Club.

This programme runs in the Spring season and caters for the advanced aspiring junior golfer as well as beginners looking to improve their long game, short game and mental game.

The program is structured to prepare St. John’s Lions for competing successfully at a national and international level. The combination of range and on-course instruction will teach our juniors to practise and play efficiently.