St. John’s has the largest professionally run performing arts facility of any international school in Belgium.


Arts Programme

Our programme enables students to realise their creative and imaginative potential, develop their critical awareness, understand the fundamental elements of the subject, and gain a wide range of technical skills both on stage and behind the scenes.

The school’s Greene Gallery hosts a wide range of exhibitions throughout the year. Theatrical productions, artistic performances and musical concerts take place in our school theatre, the largest in Brussels, while cultural trips add enrichment to the students’ varied programme.


As a member of the International School Theatre Association, St. John’s provides opportunities for students to take part in annual drama festivals around the world. 

The drama curriculum allows students to work on creative team projects through instruction in acting, improvisation, scene work, neutral mask, mime, script writing and film acting techniques.

Visual Art

Students develop their creative instincts and expression throughout their time at St. John’s. We introduce the Visual Arts programme to students in Primary School, so they develop an awareness of art appreciation and critical thinking from an early age. The approach sets an important foundation and is excellent preparation for the full IB Art and Design course in High School, where our young artists define skills for life in our Art Studio.

The programme helps students develop a wide variety of skills, including observational drawing, imaginative composition, collage, ceramics, and art in different media. New technologies are also available to assist their artistic creations.  

Visiting artists and cultural trips aids intellectual analysis, interpretation and reflection of art, while the diversity of our student cohort brings personal experiences of art from all over the world.
The school’s Greene Gallery hosts many exhibitions from visiting artists and students throughout the year, as well as art from staff members, parents and other members of the St. John’s community.


Music is a highly popular part of the curriculum and the wider life at St. John’s and gives students an exciting and hands-on experience of music appreciation and creation.

Our Performing Arts Centre gives students a professional base to explore and create music, with grand pianos, amplifiers, guitars, bass guitars and orchestral percussion available in the music rehearsal space.

Students begin a comprehensive study of music in Primary School where they learn about singing, instruments and composition. As they develop an appreciation for a wide range of musical genres, there are plenty of creative experiences on offer, including Choir, Chamber Orchestra, Chamber Choir, Jazz Band, Vocal Jazz, and Girls’ Choir.

Students can audition for the Association for Music in International School International (AMIS) Honor Band and take part in orchestra festivals throughout the world. Performance opportunities include recitals, musicals and concerts within the school and for the community.


Dance is a lifelong art form and practiced by our students from Kindergarten, through to the end of High School.

From their early years, they learn the first basic universal dance positions and simple choreography in preparation for their first performances. 

As they move through grades, the Dance programme becomes more challenging and technical. We focus on modern, jazz and lyrical dances, and technical skills like turns, jumps and battement. Students learn a wide variety of dance forms including hip hop, jazz, Zumba, classical ballet, yoga, and Bollywood. 

In high school, Dance becomes an elective subject and choreography and routines become physically and technically more challenging. Our programme follows the philosophy that everyone who wants to dance can, and is open to all students with a passion for dance and the will to learn.