St. John’s offers a wide variety of after-school activities

Extra-curricular and After School Activities are an exciting part of life at St. John’s Primary School pupils can take part in additional activities at lunch times or before or after school allowing them to explore new interests and develop their passions. Our students love taking part in activities, be they creative, cerebral, sports orientated, musical or dramatic.

Many of our children also take additional private music lessons at school.

Extra-curricular and After School Activities Descriptions

Kid’s Dance

This is a dynamic, movement based activity aimed at introducing students to the world of rhythm, music and dance! Students will learn to be self-aware about their body, movement and freestyle through dynamic, fun activities set to music!

Cooking Club

The cooking will be a relaxed class with emphasis on enjoying the experience of creating delicious healthy food and where possible making a connection with vegetable and fruit growing in Timbertops, the Early Learning Centre Garden. To learn that there is a cycle in food and through garden composting the creation of new soil. We will be experimenting with a delicious, healthy and colourful recipes, decorating homemade cupcakes and cookies, preparing simple snacks, desserts (jelly too!), sushi, wraps, smoothies, fresh pressed juices and more... based on creative ideas from "TASTY" (BuzzFeed Food). Important! Please inform the instructor if your child has any allergies or cannot eat something because of religion reasons!

Kids Gym

Kids gym is a multi-activity programme that includes child centred activity. Every child learns and develops at their own pace. The play-based programme gives your child the chance to tackle new challenges at their own skill level. We believe kids should be able to act like kids. We also believe fun environments are especially conductive to the kind of learning that prepares them for life's adventures. Through unique programs that revolve around active play, we complement and enhance the traditional school experience. Celebrated with cheers and high-fives, each new achievement leads to newfound confidence, determination and a desire to continue improving.

Lego Club

Participants will work on out of the box engineering thinking skills as they are set tasks to create using Legos. The students will work in groups, pairs and on their own. There will be a gallery at the end for them to showcase their creations.


CUB Care is our daily "garderie" or wraparound care which looks after students after school. The Service is available directly after school until 18:00. The programme is open to all children in the Primary School (Timbertots – grade 5).

For more information, please contact primarysecretary@stjohns.be