Covid-19 Updates and Information

This page has been created to keep you up to date with the evolving Covid-19 situation in Belgium and how it affects our community or a possible visit to our school.  We are currently following the current Belgian guidance for schools: Primary School and Middle School students have permanently returned to the classroom.

Students in Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 are learning partially on-campus, partially remotely.

We shall, of course, keep a careful eye on the situation throughout the holiday, just in case the situation changes in any way. If there is a change, I shall communicate that to you as soon as possible. We have had zero cases of Covid-19 within the St. John’s community since mid-November and we would like to maintain this ‘clean sheet’ for as long as possible.

You can access all Covid19 Updates below. 

We are open to visitors who want to join us for this or next school year. For more information on making a virtual school visit with our Admissions Team beforehand, please click here.

Latest news

It remains essential to state that the well-being and safety of our community stand at the forefront of all decisions we take. Hence, whether we conduct on-campus learning or potentially provide supervised remote learning, we are always guided by this principle. In opening up our campus, we will adhere to strict social distancing guidelines, health monitoring, contact tracing, and, if required, taking the necessary steps towards confinement in case of suspected infection.

This is an ongoing process that will depend on the development of government guidelines and directives as well as the results of our own learnings as we gain more hands-on experience. We re-assess the situation on a regular basis and adapt our current planning accordingly.

With all good wishes, 
Elaine Purves

Head of School
In case of questions, please contact:

Our school's communication so far

Behind the following links, you will find a variety of information, such as the Head of School’s updates and our Covid-19 protocols, which are guiding our actions and contingency planning.

Helpful Links and Key Resources

Below you may find some links to websites with very useful information regarding the situation in Belgium and around the world. 

Here we also posted our latest CoVid19 protocols that apply and a handy "cheat-sheet" that contains an overview of which procedure to follow or action to take depending on your family's situation. 

We adhere to some very basic principles that, in combination, will ensure that we can be together in as safe an environment as possible. 

• Masks – an essential part of our daily life
• Hygiene – keep clean, keep cool! We wash or sanitize our hands frequently, wipe down equipment, and clean the areas that all of us are using. We take daily temperature checks at home and bring water in a refillable bottle.
• Distancing – together, but 1.5 m. apart!
• Trace contacts fast – We share new information quickly to protect each other