Catering & Nutrition

The St. John’s cafeteria is operated by Sodexo, a worldwide leader in quality food service.Sodexo aims to help children and young adults make wise food choices. School time not only offers opportunities for providing information on healthy eating, it is also a time when students can be exposed to new flavours, products and cultures. Sodexo contributes to this fundamental learning in schools around the world.

The St. John’s cafeteria offers a large variety of healthy options, including a salad bar, pasta dishes, vegetarian options, as well as healthy and tasty snacks such as fruit, smoothies, yoghurt, sandwiches, breakfast foods and soups. The cafeteria features a self-service coffee corner for parents and staff, with fair trade, sustainable coffee and tea choices. The space focuses on ensuring the cafeteria is a pleasant environment where students, teachers and parents enjoy going to have a meal.