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Visual & Performing Arts

The largest professionally run performing arts facility of any international school in Belgium.

We believe that art and design, dance, drama and music are essential components of human life. In an international school like St. John’s, with a diverse student body from different cultural backgrounds, the arts become the language of all students.

The arts play an integral part in the growth and development of the individual, in communicating across cultural borders, and in creating a sense of involvement and belonging.

The purpose of the visual and performing arts program at St. John’s is to enable students to realize their creative and imaginative potential while developing critical awareness, an understanding of the fundamental elements in each subject area, and a wide range of technical skills in relation to different media and approaches.

A full schedule of exhibitions by visiting artists and students in the school gallery, student theatrical productions, artistic performances, and musical concerts, along with many organized cultural trips, supplement and enrich the many programs.