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We love receiving alumni feedback, here are some St. John's alumni quotes:

"St. John's gave me a serious competitive advantage. I was taught how to be confident, how to communicate well, how to act with kindness and professionalism. It gave me an incredibly open-mind that, still today, allows me to speak about everything with everyone."

"With hindsight - having experienced several leading universities in Europe and North America, as well as now the diplomatic community - I am confident that St. John's is amongst the top educational institutions in the world for the leaders of tomorrow"

"I strongly believe that it was due to the unique atmosphere created by St. John's that I was able to push beyond self-imposed limits and achieve more than that I thought was possible."

"St. John's was my school, my family's 'family', our main community, and a source of joy."

"I attended 5 different high schools and St. John's was by far my favorite school."

"I had never experienced such a diverse and accepting student body and faculty before St. John's."

"My time at St John's was some of the happiest of my life. I will always treasure the memories."


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Class reps:

(For class rep contact information, please contact the St. John's Alumni Relations office via

1974 - Cynthia Makush Becket

1975- Erik Jensen

1976 - Kirsten Jensen Robinett or Xavier Varela Rosales

1977 - Lowell Tunstall

1978 - Margaret Echols-Jones

1979 - Cynthia Howson Weinmann

1980 - David Vance

1981 -  Jocelyne Koepke or Jenny Howson Willem

1982 - Maria Host Steen

1983- Marsha McMahon-Jones

1984 - LTC Ian Greene

1985 - Barbara Davis

1986 - Paul Lawyer

1987 - Amy Lyons Driscoll

1988 - Claudia Falzone Robinson

1989 - Louis Toth

1990 - Natacha Debetencourt Pauwels

1991 - Laura Setzfand

1992 - Judy Schmitt Adams

1993 - Samantha Dennis & Katariina Jalas

1994 - Kent Ferguson

1995 - Francesca Catarinella

1996 - Sarah G. Harding

1997 - Giulia Prenna

1998 - Jonathan Saylors or David De Visscher

1999 - Zafiris Vartis

2000 - Ryan Sigouin

2001 - Sian Leech or Courtney Dwyer

2002 - Jason Touw or Bianca Hutton

2003 - Claire Anderson-Wheeler or Gretchen Kissel or Claire Watson

2004 - Stephanie Crombie or Laura Warner

2005 - Katya Chilian or Phillip Slann

2006 - Stephanie Dubois or Kelsi Ludvigsen

2007 - Tacielle De Ron or Timea Varga

2008 - Abinash Khanal, Laura Floyd, Angela Maria Ocampo, Rachel Waguespack

2009 - Juliana Bambridge or Daniel Renshaw

2010 - Beren Anil

2011 - Clara Silcock

2012 - Savannah O'Hare

2013 - Helene Westerby

2014 - Emelie Rhenman

2015 - Arthur Vandervoort

2016 - Alix Cranshoff