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Founded in 1964, St John’s International School (SJIS) is a private non-profit educational institution that is owned by the Faithful Companions of Jesus (FcJ). It is accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSACS), the most recent re-accreditation being in 2012.

SJIS’s basic tenant is to offer an international education through Christian values with a pedagogy emphasizing the International Baccalaureate’s approach of critical thinking skills, creativity, collaboration and inquiry-based learning.

  • Over 700 students from 50 countries pursue a challenging academic curriculum that includes an emphasis on development in athletics and the arts, all within the context of the ethos and values that make St John’s unique.
  • The highly educated, qualified and dedicated international teaching faculty makes the difference for the students at St John’s. Among more than 15 nationalities represented, 20% come from the UK, 23% from the US and 23% from Belgium. More than 50% of the faculty holds advanced degrees.
  • SJIS is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School and offers the PYP and Diploma programs in addition to the American High School Diploma. Last year, 84% of the graduating class at St. John’s matriculated with the IB diploma in addition to the St. John’s diploma.
  • The School is a member of International Baccalaureate (IB), CIS, MSA, ISSTs International School Sports Tournament (ISSTs), International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA), Association of Music in International Schools (AMIS), the International Mathematica Teacher Foundation and participates in other external academic competitions.
  • Campus facilities, academic programs and extracurricular activities cover a wide-variety of options for students of all ages. St. John’s has a strong Service Program running throughout the entire school.
  • English is the language of instruction throughout the school, French is taught as a second language K-12. A dual language program in English and French is offered as an option, currently operating from grades K through grade 2. In addition from 8th grade onwards, Dutch, German, Spanish and Swedish are offered.
  • SJIS has a very strong student support program available throughout the school.
  • SJIS utilizes the Moodle data system and management software (MS & HS), Studywiz and Managebac for ES, Net classroom.
  • Nearly 100% of High School graduates attend the best universities and schools in the world.
  • Students are welcomed and integrated on a rolling basis throughout the year.
  • Please consult our website and online video segments to gain a more detailed sense of the SJIS community​

Educational Divisions/Program

The School is divided into three major divisions:

  • Elementary School - Pre K through Grade 5;
  • Middle School - Grades 6 through 8;
  • High School - Grades 9 through 12


SJIS is governed by a Board of Directors. All of the Board members are voting members. The Board is comprised of FcJ sisters, parents and ex-parents.

St. John’s Guiding Statements

Our vision

St. John’s students live our values to impact the world.

Our mission

St. John’s International School provides an English-language education based on Christian values, demands personal excellence and stimulates individual responsibility within a culturally diverse environment.

Our values

St. John's embraces its historical tradition and, in particular, the Christian values of:

Companionship - the gentleness to befriend and strength to accompany

Respect - of people, languages, cultures, beliefs and values

Integrity - being true to ourselves, to each other, and to our world

Expected characteristics of a St. John’s member of Faculty

St. John’s International School seeks teachers who will demonstrate above-stated the values, support the vision, and help us achieve the mission of the school.

With this in mind, the St. John’s teacher will fully support the school’s ethos and educational approach, both in theory and in action. Equally he/she will exhibit the following characteristics: The successful St. John’s teacher:

  • Actively supports our system of education and the regulations of the school.
  • Sees learning as a journey undertaken in the context of the community including students, parents, alumni, staff, and faculty;
  • Brings strong subject knowledge and educational expertise to his or her teaching and fully commits to continuous learning through professional development , coaching and collaboration;
  • Differentiates effectively and proactively in the multi-cultural, multi-lingual classroom environment, ensuring non-native English speakers and students with diverse learning needs are encouraged and challenged to reach their own potential;
  • Embraces the multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment of St. John’s, encouraging engagement from all students and parents to become full participants in the life of the school;
  • Communicates openly and effectively with students, colleagues, staff, supervisors, parents and community members to understand needs and issues while supporting the learning of each child and the ethos of the school;
  • Demonstrates excellent interpersonal skills in the classroom, in the staffroom, and in all aspects of school and personal life;
  • Collaborates with colleagues to ensure teams are engaged and successful, initiatives are carried out, and instruction is based on understanding and addressing student need;
  • Is knowledgeable about curriculum design and development and the developmental needs of children;
  • Shows the capacity to inspire students to learn;
  • Is organized, efficient and judicious with time commitments;
  • Is able to use technology in the classroom to enhance learning, to develop curriculum and ensure effective communication about student progress and achievement. (Smartboard, Moodle, Studywiz, Blackbaud etc. all used at St. John’s)
  • Commits to support of the child, the team, the division, the school and the community through teaching as well as volunteering time and energy to initiatives and events outside the classroom (clubs, sports, fine arts, parent programs, learning academies, etc.);
  • Demonstrates a sense of humor and a’can-do’ attitude.

St. John's International School is currently hiring:


Part-time French Teacher 4th & 5th grade Elementary School

Accountable to: ES Principal

Employment Contract: Teacher salary scale

Essential Qualifications:

  • Expectation of at least Five Years Teaching or associated experience
  • Successful student leadership experience
  • BA or MA and Teaching Certificate
  • Demonstrated contributions to a positive school environment

Preferred Experience and qualities:       

  • Successful student leadership experience
  • Experience of teaching the PYP and fluency in the French language
  • Proven ability to work with other teachers and administration
  • High level of technology skills
  • Proven record of successful teaching
  • Experience in programmatic development and assessment
  • Successful experience in international schools
  • Knowledge of and experience working with data to improve student learning outcomes

Additional Strengths:

  • Proof of commitment to involvement in school beyond the regular teaching day
  • Proven experience of contributing to extra-curricular activities and school visits
  • Creative and energetic
  • Ability and experience to contribute to and enhance SJIS’s image in the local community  as well as the greater community of international schools

Desired Personal Characteristics:

  • Demonstrates educational leadership and is a role model to faculty and staff
  • Demonstrates the ability to develop a collegial, collaborative and positive atmosphere amongst the faculty
  • Demonstrates strong interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrates excellent communication skills
  • Is a life-long learner
  • Is flexible and has a sense of humor
  • Commitment to putting in additional hours as needed
  • Interest in living and working in Belgium

Description of Duties

Teaching and Learning :

  • ensure that students experience coherence in their learning through the implementation of the PYP
  •  use inquiry across the curriculum, addressing the competencies, experiences, learning needs and styles of the students
  • provide a learning environment in which students can work independently and collaboratively
  • integrity, honesty, and fairness in promoting the cultures, languages, identities and self-esteem of all students
  • encourage students to take meaningful action as a result of their learning

Written curriculum :

  • develop a thorough knowledge and understanding of the written curriculum through the Scope and Sequence documents, Program of Inquiry and unit planners
  • participate in regular reviews and updates of curriculum documentation

Collaborative planning:

  • a commitment to collaboration with colleagues in planning, assessment and reflection
  • make use of the PYP planner and planning process across the curriculum 
  • participation in collaborative planning opportunities throughout the year and maintaining lines of communication


  • ensure assessment is integral to planning, teaching and learning throughout the school
  • understanding and use of a range of assessment practices to recognize the individuality of each student
  • provide opportunities for self-assessment and reflection and feedback on learning to inform students and parents
  • maintain student assessment data to provide evidence of learning over time.

Leadership and Structure:

  • respect and adherence to structures designed to support the implementation of the programme: deadlines and due dates set by administration, respect for the lines of communication and chain of command within the school.
  • personal and professional goal-setting which supports the elementary school goals and promotes individual growth for the individual member of staff.

Resources and Support:

  • participation in the required in-service days staff meetings, team meetings, and all PYP meetings (both full-time and part-time employees)
  • a willingness to seek information to further his/her knowledge of PYP through participation in on-going educational opportunities such as workshops, in-service, faculty meetings and professional literature
  • manage and use resources to facilitate in-depth inquiry into the transdisciplinary and disciplinary dimensions of the curriculum


September 10th will be the closing date to receive applicants' letters of interest.

Letter of interest and CVs should be sent via e-mail to : Anne Marchi, HR Manager -  E-mail address:


Substitute Teachers

We are looking for candidates interested in being added to our list of substitute teachers for Elementary School. Interested candidates should send their CV to Anne Marchi

MHS Librarian (Full-time, 1 year)

Essential Qualifications:

  • Three to five year secondary school library experience
  • Bachelor of Library Science or local equivalent (“Bibliothécaire-documentaliste”)
  • Demonstrated contributions to a positive school environment
  • Preferred Experience and qualities:
  • Proven ability to work with other teachers and administration
  • High level of technology skills
  • Successful experience in international schools
  • Knowledge of and experience working with data to improve student learning outcomes
  • Experience supporting International Baccalaureate students with Extended Essay research

Additional Strengths

  • Proof of commitment to involvement in school beyond the regular teaching day
  • Proven experience of contributing to extra-curricular activities and school visits
  • Creative and energetic
  • Ability and experience to contribute to and enhance SJIS’s image in the local community as well as the greater community of international schools

Description of Duties:

  • The Teacher/Librarian’s primary roles are to ensure the cohesive and collaborative running of the Middle-High School Library & Resource Centre, to promote the range of resources students can access through the library, to support inquiry and develop information literacy across grade 6 to 12 and all curriculum areas.
  • The Librarian manages all aspects of the MHS Library Resource Centre and its program. Tasks include:
  • Model and promote collaboration between teachers and library staff in planning and supporting Inquiry learning.
  • Manage and monitor the MHS library budget in accordance with school practice
  • Maintain the library management system
  • Prepare and present regular reports that focus on the library’s support for teaching and learning, highlight significant developments and identify future needs
  • Develop library policies and procedures consistent with the school’s mission and guiding principles.
  • Maintaining a policy of academic honesty consistent with the international copyright laws and the guidelines of the IBO
  • Evaluation, development and maintenance of the collections in terms of the needs of the students, staff and parents, thereby assuring the collection remains topical and current through the acquisition of new resources and maintenance of current resources.
  • Ordering, purchasing, processing, cataloguing, indexing, filing, circulation and inventorying of all print, electronic and audio-visual materials.
  • Establish positive relations with and lead volunteers contributing to the functioning of the library.
  • Maintaining a high quality environment.
  • Maintain open and regular communication with the school community through participation in school meetings and events.
  • Provide training and support for staff on matters relating to library materials and operations.
  • Keep abreast of current trends and practices within the IBO and other international schools.
  • Support IB Diploma Program students in their Extended Essay research projects.
  • Collaborate with the Language and Literature Subject Group to maintain and develop the student independent reading program.

Application Procedure
Tuesday 25th August will be the closing date to receive applicants' letters of interest.
The School reserves the right to extend the schedule above or close the selection if the right candidate is found prior to the dates indicated above.
Additional information about St. John’s can be obtained from the School's website at
Letter of interest and CVs should be sent via e-mail to : Anne Marchi, HR Manager E-mail address:



We are looking for volleyball coaches for our high school girls and boys teams. The season runs from August 25 – November 15 and practices are three times per week with games on most Friday’s and Saturday’s. If interested please send CV or contact Coach Davis at