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High School Track & Field

2017 ISST JV Girls champions!

ISST championships:

27 individual medals, JV Girls claim team gold and St. John's finishes 4th overall (out of 13 schools)




Sydney 1500m - 4:59.56 a new school record!

Gerge 1500m - 4:43.56

Kayla 1500m - 4:53.02 and 800m - 2:25.87

Frederik 100m - 11:96

Belen 100m -14:00

Alicia 200m - 27:21

Zoe 200m - 29:24

Sofia 1500m - 5:15

Abby  800m - 2:40

April 29 at ASL

Kayla 1st in 1500 and 1st in 800m with a new school record of 2.22,13

Fredrik 1st in 200m, 1st in long jump and 2nd in 100m

Gerge 1st in 1500m and second in 3000m

Sydney 1st in 800m and 2nd in 3000m

Zoe 1st in 100H JVG

Megan 1st in 100H VG

Karolina 1st in HJ and 1st in 400H

Amalie 1st in Shot Put and 2nd in Discus

Martinus 1st in 200m and second in LJ

Jacob 2nd in Shot Put and Discus

May 6 at American School of The Hague

Track meet ASH, Cobham, ASP, ISB, Spartaan, Olympus.

Top performances:

Alicia: 1st in 100m, 200m, Long Jump and High Jump

Frederik: 1st in 100m, 200m, 400m and Long Jump

Paul: 1st in 800m (u12)

Pattrick: 1st in 400m (u12) 2nd in 800m

Gergeyi: 1st 800m (jv) and 1500m

Matthieu: 1st in 800m (V)

Caroline: 1st in 100H

Sydney: 1st in 1500m

Emilie: 1st in Discus (jv) and 2nd in Shot put


May 13 - Home track meet 

Participating teams: ASH, ISB, BSB, AIS, and ASP

STJ Girls 1st

STJ Boys 2nd

Combined STJ 1st

Top performances:

Gergey: 1st 3000m (JV) new school record! 1st 1500m (JV)

Sydney: 1st in 800m (JV) with new school record! 1st 3000m

Alicia: 1st in 100m (JV) new school record!

Kayla: 1st 800m, 1st 1500m

Belen: 2nd 100m, 2nd Shot Put

Frederik: 1st in 200m, 2nd 100m and Long Jump

Matthieu: 2nd in 800m (V)

Caroline: 2nd in 100H, 2nd Long Jump

Emilie: 1st in Discus (JV)

Zoe: 1st 100H and 2nd 200m

Sara: 2nd 400m, 2nd 800m

Abby: 1st High Jump, 2nd 3000m

Amalie: 1st Shot Put, 2nd Discus

Isaiah: 1st 1500m (V) and 1st 3000m (V)

Aleksander: 2nd in 110H

Daniel: 1st in Triple Jump

Jacob: 1st in Shot Put

Maximillian: 2nd in Discus (JV)