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Parent Teacher Program

Supporting the St. John’s community

The Parent Teacher Program (PTP) plays a vital role in the life of the St. John’s school community by:

Being a forum for direct dialogue between the parents, teachers and administrators at the school. Regular PTP meetings provide the opportunity for its members to voice their opinions, make suggestions and pose questions, thereby becoming actively involved in the life of the school.

Providing useful information to newcomers. The PTP’s Welcome Committee helps new parents and teachers by: - offering vital, practical information to ease the process of integration into life in Belgium; - holding coffee mornings and other social events to encourage more contacts between St. John’s families, old and new; - organizing field trips to help new parents and teachers discover Belgium in both a physical and a cultural sense.

Supporting families in need of emotional or practical assistance. The PTP’s Family Support Group helps families who encounter difficulties or need special support, for example, in the event of illness or the hospitalization of a family member.

Organizing informal, fun events throughout the school year. The PTP offers its members the opportunity to get acquainted with other families and cultures Festival boothby organizing events like the International Festival (see photos), Family Day, the Christmas Boutique and a Garage Sale, all of which contribute to the family atmosphere at St. John’s.

Raising funds to support improvement projects at the school and to help selected external charities. The funds raised by the PTP are used for projects that contribute to and enhance the educational experience of all students or generally contribute to the community feeling at St. John’s. Over the past months, next to our “regular” contributions to expenses related to participation in the Model United Nations and the Model European Parliament projects, we made contributions, among other things, to the expenses related to the participation in the Global Issues Network Conference in Geneva and the International Forum IX in Pamplona, a competition won by the St. John’s students. In addition, we contribute to the Teachers Appreciation Program, to risers and microphones for the performing arts, to the refurbishment of our new PTP house and to the visit from a graphic novel illustrator in Middle School.

Why get involved

If you are a parent of a student studying at St. John’s or if you are on the teaching staff of the school, you are automatically a member of the PTP. As a parent, getting directly involved in the PTP’s activities can benefit you and your family in a number of ways:

  • It can be the most effective means for you to suggest changes and witness improvements at the school.
  • It will demonstrate to your children the importance you attach to their education.
  • It will increase your knowledge about what is happening at the school.
  • It will introduce you to a network of parents with whom you can share and exchange information, experiences, ideas and concerns about being a parent and about living in Belgium.
  • It will provide you with valuable experience and the opportunity to put your skills and hobbies to good use, to the benefit of the school community as a whole.

So join the fun, get involved and make a difference!