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There are many mobility options for coming to St. John's International School:

On foot - many St. John's families live in the neighborhood near school and walk to school. Sidewalks and cross-walks in front of school allows for this to be a safe and healthy way to get to school. Each morning and afternoon, our maintenance team, staff and members of the administration are out to help our students get to school safely by managing the cross walks and the entry ways into school.

By bike - since about 70% of St. John's families live in or near Waterloo, many High School students choose to bike to school. The streets in Waterloo have bike lanes and there are many streets that do not have much traffic around school. St. John's has significantly increased the number of bike racks on campus as the number of biking students increase and to encourage more students to come by bike.

On the school bus - we have an efficient and extensive school bus system which services a wide area around Waterloo, including the center of Brussels and many towns in the larger Waterloo region. The service includes pick-up from your front door wherever possible and we aim to find the most direct and quick route to have our students on the bus for the shortest amount of time possible. Our High Schoolers serve as bus monitors to ensure the rules are followed by all students on the bus and to help younger students when needed. Our Bus Coordinator can provide you with approximate pick-up and drop-off times if you are looking to find a home in a specific area. 

By car - St. John's has an effective one-way "drop off" route on campus in the mornings which allows for quick, safe and easy drop-off of our students of all ages. The students can be dropped off right at the entrance door and will go directly into the hallway to their classroom. Staff members ensure the safe entry of walkers and bikers while allowing for a smooth drop-off for those coming by car. 

Public transportation - High School students have an additional option to get to school, through public transportation, if unable to access the other options to get to school.  A free bus, provided by the city of Waterloo, runs from the Waterloo train station to a stop within walking distance of St. John's. 

As you can see, St. John's is accessible via many methods, depending on where you live. A safe town of 30,000 inhabitants (with many nationalities represented), Waterloo provides all the shops, services, restaurants and amenities you need. It is outside the Brussels city limit and known as a very safe area to raise children.

Waterloo and the surrounding towns have many quiet, tree-lined neighborhoods where children can play outside safely. The region also provides many opportunities for outdoor life, including the large Forêt de Soignes and the area around the Château de la Hulpe where you can hike, bike, run for hours and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the region with your family.

The beautiful Château de la Hulpe with the extensive grounds that are perfectly suited for walks, bike rides and runs.