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Around Waterloo

Waterloo owes its fame to the Duke of Wellington and the 1815 “Battle of Waterloo,” which is commemorated today by one of the best known monuments in Belgium—the “Butte du Lion.” The Battle of Waterloo was fought between the French army, under the command of Napoleon Bonaparte, and the Allied armies, commanded by the Duke of Wellington from Britain and General Blücher from Prussia.

Today, Waterloo plays a very important economic role in Belgium, primarily due to the many international companies that have their headquarters here.

A small town of about 30,000 inhabitants in the French-speaking Belgian province of Brabant-Wallon, Waterloo is just 20 minutes from the center of Brussels. With over 20 percent of the population being expatriates, this is a very friendly and easy place to live, especially if it is your first time abroad. The local Commune is very experienced in dealing with expatriates and genuinely welcomes them into the community.

A vast array of rental property is available in the town itself and the surrounding areas of Ohain and Lasne.

St. John’s International School is located in a quiet, tree-lined, residential area of Waterloo with both housing and shopping in easy reach of the school. The fact that many families live only minutes away from the school encourages a strong local community and school life, and there are ample opportunities to integrate into local Belgian life.