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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to house athletes?

By joining a St. John’s team, you are committing yourself to hosting visiting athletes, just as St. John’s athletes are housed when they travel. Please take a look at the schedule at the beginning of the season, and plan to house on those home dates when teams will be spending the night. The athletic programs cannot function without adequate housing.

For those new to housing, you are simply asked to provide a bed and meals for two or more visiting athletes, usually for only one night. A mattress on the floor is sufficient. Meals include dinner after the games and breakfast in the morning. You are requested to ask the visiting athletes if they would like a bagged lunch. If they decline, you are under no obligation to give them money or luncheon vouchers—they are on their own.

Do I bring a housing gift when I travel?

When athletes are housed with a host family on overnight trips, the athlete is expected to bring a small gift, or a hand-written thank you note, to show their appreciation. If you choose to bring a gift, nothing fancy or expensive is expected. A small box of chocolates is always appropriate. 

How will we be informed of game schedules and fees?

The Athletic Department uses e-mail to send all information regarding schedules and fees. Please ensure that you have provided an up-to-date e-mail address in order to receive this information. You are free to contact the Athletic Department by e-mail, telephone or in person, with any questions you may have. In the event of inclement weather which necessitates cancelling practices or games, we will notify parents via e-mail, as well as on the St. John’s Web page, by 15:00.

What sports does St. John's offer and when?

St. John’s offers after-school competitive sports over three seasons: Fall (September–November), Winter (November–March) and Spring (March–May). Athletes may only participate on one St. John’s team each season. Please see the individual sports pages for more details.

When are practice times?

Schedules are set before the start of each season but are always subject to change. We will inform athletes of any changes as soon as possible. Please check the Web site, under Athletics, for the latest schedules. Practice times are set at the start of the season but are occasionally adjusted by the coach. Athletes are expected to attend all practices and are only excused for academic reasons or for illness/injury. Please inform the coach as soon as possible if you must miss a practice.

What is the Athletic Booster Program?

By virtue of your child signing up for sports at St. John’s, you automatically become a member of the St. John’s Athletic Booster Program. Boosters support the Athletic Department in a variety of ways. Money raised through their activities purchase uniforms and equipment, among other things. Volunteers are crucial to the success of our programs, and all parents are expected to help where they can. Opportunities to volunteer exist at the Booster concession stand during practices and games. There are many other ways in which you can get involved. Contact the Booster president or the Athletic Department for details.

What do all the abbreviations mean?

The Athletic Department uses many abbreviations when referring to opposing teams or locations. St. John’s is often referred to as STJ. Please see the abbreviations link for more information. 

What are season fees?

The STJ Athletic Department charges a flat fee per athlete for each of the teams. Any ISST tournament travel will be in addition to the season fee and will only be billed to those chosen to represent St. John’s at an ISST tournament.