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Visual Art

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Elementary School

We are passionate about the arts at St. John’s and the Elementary School is the starting point for us to see young children develop.

The Elementary School arts program is a very important part of the curriculum. Students become aware at a very early age of the visual and tactile properties in all kinds of artifacts and other art forms in their environment. Art is an international language as St. John’s is an international school.

Our students come from all over the world and bring with them their own personal experiences. This diversity can be enhanced with the different forms of art we look at, and by the different kinds of art made by themselves and others. The experience is enhanced by visiting professional artists and by trips to museums, and through art appreciation.

We believe that students who develop sensitivity and appreciation towards the arts grow into well-rounded individuals.

Middle School

The St. John’s art studio building is always bubbling with enthusiastic Middle School students. Our MS studentsart classes for Middle School are part of an established Related Arts Program involving music, art and drama. The art curriculum is designed to encourage students to express themselves creatively while learning and applying various techniques and approaches. As art teachers, we believe that young adolescents need many opportunities to be creative and expressive, to follow their creative instincts — yet at the same time, develop their intellectual ability to analyze, interpret and reflect on art.

The art projects always involve practical creative work as well as written work which reflect students’ understanding of themes and ideas discussed in each unit, research on artists and their works and a personal reflection to assess their own achievements for each project. Skill development ranges from observational drawings to compositions drawn from their own imagination. Students learn various techniques, such as drawing and painting in several media, cutting and pasting in collage, constructing three-dimensional shapes and using new technological approaches to assist in their artistic creations.

High School

At St. John’s, art is a passion as well as a course, one where we see young men and women develop skills that will remain with them for life. We have created an environment in our art studio that encourages our students to be creative and passionate about what they do, expressing themselves by continually learning new techniques and use of different materials. Our program is structured so that new students can gain a solid introduction to art and design through a range of group work, leading to smaller individual projects. Studio art, which is the next step, gives a foundation which prepares our students for the full IB Art and Design course. Our structured yet flexible initial approach is progressively developed to encourage our young artists and designers to take on a more mature and independent approach to work by developing individual themes and ideas.

The Arts Support Program

The Visual and Performing Arts Support Program consists of  a group of volunteer parents and faculty who essentially support, promote, and celebrate the visual and performing arts at St. John’s.  We work together in a variety of ways throughout the year.

It is really the people of our community, coming together with energy and enthusiasm, who make our events a success.  So come on out, get involved and play a part in the Visual and Performing Arts Support Program!