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Admissions Process

To apply to St. John’s you will need to:Welcome to St. John's International School

1. Complete and submit an application, which includes:

  • online application 
  • health form (download the form, fill in the form digitally and e-mail to admissions)
  • academic form completed by a teacher from the student’s current school - PK through Grade 5 or Grade 6-12
  • copy of birth certificate or ID
  • school records for the last three years
  • Dual Language Program application (Grades PK-5, where applicable)
  • the results of any standardized tests (e.g., SAT, WIS, WIAT) that your child might have taken within the last five years
  • any other relevant information (specific learning needs of your child, special program/modified courses that your child might have followed)
  • digital photo of each parent for campus security card
  • copy of the parent’s passport (one only required)
  • payment of the application fee (1,000 Euros) - pay it online

2. Visit the campus. (Recommended, but not required)Online application to St. John's International School

3. Interview in person, or over the phone with Admissions or a school principal

Where appropriate, an interview may be required with the guidance counselor, and/or the coordinators of the International Baccalaureate/Support Services, and the Support Services coordinator.

To reserve a place in the school we need to receive a completed:

Please contact the Admissions Office via e-mail at or by phone at +32 (0) 2 352 06 10 to request an admissions information packet.