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Grade 8

Grade 8 is characterized by significant growth in students’ autonomous interest and confidence in their learning.

Grade-level learning objectives focus on independent thinking and more developed interpersonal skills. All Grade 8 students take year-long courses in Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, French, Religion, Physical Education and an Arts survey course with 12-week cycles in visual arts, music and drama. In addition, Grade 8 students start formal study of a third language: Dutch, German or Spanish.


Preparation for a more rigorous High School environment is one of the major objectives of the Grade 8 program.

All students in Grade 8 are expected to enroll in the full course of study. This includes mathematics, English, science, social studies, French, religion, Advisory, technology, physical education, art, music, drama, and an elective. The school reserves the right to place students in an alternative elective if his or her first choice cannot be scheduled.

The guidance counselor determines the daily schedule for English as Additional Language (EAL) and Language Arts Enrichment (LAE) students.

The Grade 8 trip to Leysin (Switzerland) in September engages learning outcomes related to French, Art, Geography and Science curricula.


For course descriptions and information brochures, please visit the Downloads section.