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Grade 6

Grade 6 is an important transition year from Elementary School, and learning focuses on gaining increased self discipline and organization and identifying and articulating strengths and personal interests.

All Grade 6 students take year-long courses in Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, French, Religion, Physical Education and an Arts survey course with 12-week cycles in visual arts, music and drama. An enrichment rotation offers students opportunities for hands-on learning: Media, Food Technology and Design Thinking.

Subjects are taught through an interdisciplinary approach. Themes are incorporated into the curriculum and the related arts team works closely with the academic teachers.

Students are encouraged to make choices and at the same time develop a sense of responsibility for their own learning.

The guidance counselor determines the daily schedule for English as Additional Language (EAL) and Language Arts Enrichment (LAE) students.

Grade 6 engages in a class trip each year to learn to live in a community and to develop skills together. In September, they spend one week learning to sail in the Golf of Morbihan, France. The Grade 6 year ends with an interdisciplinary Medieval festival in which students integrate and demonstrate knowledge and skills developed throughout the year and across their academic subjects.


For course descriptions and information brochures, please visit the Downloads section.