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Direction and focus are both key to our successes

We believe that focus and attention to detail are important to see our students through this transitional phase from Elementary School through to High School. We as a faculty and administration, therefore, support the following goals in order to provide a quality education for the early adolescent in an environment supported by Christian values:

  • We will provide a stimulating and well-rounded Middle School program that promotes high achievement for students at all levels and prepares them for High School.
  • We will provide a variety of courses both academic and exploratory to accommodate students of diverse abilities, interests and differing rates of learning.
  • We will encourage students to explore intellectual, moral, spiritual and ethical issues and to make responsible decisions in solving problems.
  • We will, through the Advisory program, promote strong interpersonal relationships between students and teachers and strive to maintain excellent communication between home and school.
  • We will provide opportunities for our students to develop cultural, esthetic, creative and physical abilities through field trips, special programs (e.g. theme days, intramurals, activity nights, athletics, theater, etc.), and through the standard program offered in the Middle School.
  • We will, through interdisciplinary teaming, coordinate and monitor student academic achievement and behavior.
  • Recognizing that students learn best in an environment which is flexible, nurturing and organized, we will provide a standard course of study consisting of academics, exploratory and an Advisory program which focuses on the intellectual, emotional, social and physical needs and characteristics of the early adolescent.
  • By integrating the different courses of study, we will develop stimulating materials and activities that stress higher-level thinking skills.
  • Recognizing the unique learning style of each student, we will incorporate a variety of teaching strategies and instructional materials into our program.
  • We will, in an ecumenical environment, provide students with the opportunity to experience Christian community.
  • We will provide developmentally appropriate instruction to help students acquire a feeling of personal efficacy and a sense of responsibility for themselves and others.
  • We will encourage and teach environmental awareness in all courses and activities.
  • We will provide a healthy school environment which is safe, both physically and emotionally.