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Middle School

The Middle School at St. John’s (grades 6-8) offers students a safe and challenging learning environment with a strong emphasis on experiential learning and reflection. We support all students with their diverse learning needs and have a strong commitment to both English language and mother-tongue language development.

St. John's is implementing the IB Middle Years Programme to become an IB school throughout (having been an IB school in the Elementary School and High School since 1978.)

Each student is challenged to achieve personal excellence in academics, arts, athletics, and social emotional learning. 

Middle School students enjoy science experiments
MS students science experiments

Students are enrolled in eight core subjects: math, science, English, French, social studies, world religions, physical education, and advisory. All students engage in a year-long rotation in drama, music and visual art courses, and every student selects two preference courses per year. Preferences include: third language study, astronomy, forensics, food and textile studies, media production, and a course in design thinking called Passion Project.

The Middle School has week-long immersion programs for all students in Belgium, France and Switzerland where student learn team-building and strengthen their community bonds.

We have many athletic offerings at the middle school level—soccer, volleyball cross, country, basketball, and track and field. The athletic program emphasizes skill development, and students with no prior experience are encouraged to try new sports. All faculty participate in professional teams to ensure that each student’s needs (intellectual, physical, psychological, moral, and social-emotional) are met.

We are committed to guiding students in the development of habits and skills that ensure success in high school and beyond, and to helping students discover and explore their own unique interests and passions so that they can lead flourishing lives and impact the world as people of integrity and respect.

I look forward to having the chance to meet you and show you around our exciting, vibrant Middle School.

Simon Vanderkelen, Middle/High School Principal

For course descriptions and information brochures, please visit the Downloads section.