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Teaching Program

What are we trying to achieve?

In the High School, we believe success is achieved through good leadership, planning and the setting of clear goals. To that end, St. John’s High School is inclusive in intention, international in perspective, caring in spirit, committed in action and dedicated to excellence.

As such:

  • we will reinforce the philosophy, mission and objectives of St. John’s International School;
  • we will promote academic excellence;
  • we will enable each student to reach his or her potential in all dimensions: academic, artistic, physical, social, personal and spiritual, through the provision of a broad and balanced education;
  • we will encourage students to develop self-esteem, self-discipline and self-awareness, and respect and tolerance for others;
  • we will create a harmonious, enjoyable and safe learning environment which is characterized by trusting and caring relationships among students, teachers, parents and administrators;
  • we will enable students to develop global awareness through the celebration of cultural diversity;
  • we will guide students to make the appropriate choices and prepare them effectively to meet life's challenges;
  • we will promote an ideal of life-long learning in an atmosphere of openness and critical inquiry;
  • we will engage the student and parent voice in issues affecting the High School where appropriate.

View The High School Profile 2017-18 here.


For course descriptions and information brochures, please visit the Downloads section.