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IB Results

We are, once again, extremely proud of our Grade 12 students who have achieved impressive IB Diploma results:



A total of 65 students completed the full IB Diploma in 2016 and gained a pass rate of 94% with an average score of 33. (The average international pass rate is 79,3% and the global average score this year was 30.)

Our top scorer obtained 43 points. An impressive 74% of students obtained a score of 30 points or more, 37% score 36 points or more (compared with a world IB average of around 22%) and 14% scored 40 points or higher (compared to a world average of about 6%).

Of the candidates, 34% pursued a bilingual diploma and 100% of students achieved it.

We would like to congratulate all of our Grade 12 students, as we know that they are all going on to excellent institutions of Higher Education. For more than fifty years, St. John's has assisted students to achieve personal excellence.

We thank the grade 12 parents for their support, our teachers for their dedication and care and, of course, our students for their hard work.

Doug Lowney - High School Principal

In accordance with our philosophy and mission statement, St. John’s does not practice selective admissions. We believe in giving a very diverse student body the opportunity for a great education. As a result of providing assistance to a significant number of disadvantaged children, approximately 20 percent of our students fall in the category of English as an Additional Language (EAL) and learning disability students, and receive assistance from the Support Services Department. We challenge students to reach their full potential in a warm and caring environment, even if it means we do not achieve 100 percent pass rate in the IB.