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The Guidance team is here to assist all students with their academic choices as they enter, progress through and then eventually leave the High School. We recognize that every young person is a unique individual and that each one has decisions of their own to make; we provide the tools and the advice to help them find their personal path into the future.

Starting in Grade 8 with the transition into High School, this on-going process continues in close discussion with counselors, teachers and advisors. The outcomes of these conversations inform the course-selection process for the final two years. Every student has a personal interview with a member of the Guidance Team during this process to allow for discussion and revision. While the majority of students will pursue the IB Diploma and/or AP courses, every student is individually guided into the most suitably challenging program.

In coordination with the Advisory program, students participate in a comprehensive program of activities designed to help them explore the connection between their own interests and aptitudes, and various career options. This process forms the basis for discussions with counselors about students’ academic pathways including High School Course Selection and university choices.

US universities

The university admissions process in the US is varied and multi-faceted, and we work closely with students and their families to navigate this process. From finding the right “fit” with colleges, through completing the application’s components, to making the final decisions, we provide individual guidance and support based on each student’s interests and needs. Throughout the year, we host admissions representatives from a wide range of colleges and universities and encourage students to take advantage of these opportunities to gain personal knowledge of programs and campuses. In collaboration with the Fulbright Association and other local international schools, we share hosting responsibilities for an annual College Fair—Brussels College Night—which brings over 100 US universities to the local campuses. Through the application process, we provide continuous feedback on college essays as well as the application itself, counsel students in advance of alumni interviews, oversee the recommendations being written in support of the student, and ensure that all materials are sent in a timely manner to the students’ universities.

Over the last few years we have had students accepted at a wide range of excellent institutions, including Columbia, Princeton, Cornell, and MIT, as well as Duke, Emory, Wake Forest, Boston College, and University of Michigan, to name just a few.

UK universities

Many of each cohort of our seniors move on to continue their education at a university in the United Kingdom. They are supported in the process of course and university choice by interviews with our counselors and are encouraged to visit universities and attend Open Days. The school arranges visits from admissions officers and also hosts a British University Fair each year. Students are supported in making UCAS applications, receiving detailed guidance and constructive criticism of Personal Statements as well as individual interview preparation, where appropriate.

This year we are proud to have helped students win places at such highly regarded institutions as the University of Cambridge and University College London as well as at St. Andrew’s, Warwick, Exeter, Bath and many other excellent universities.

European universities

Each country and each university has its own application process and set of deadlines. Whether applying for European Studies in the Netherlands or International Business in Segovia, our students are supported throughout the course choice and application procedure by a counselor who will usually make direct contact with the university concerned. Students are also invited to meetings in school with representatives from a number of suitable European universities. We also offer support and advice for those applying to Irish universities, winning one acceptance from Trinity College Dublin this year.

Increasing numbers of our graduates are moving on to study on the European mainland and we make sure that we continue to offer sound and current guidance in this area.

Rest of the World

Some of our students move on to Canada, South Africa or Australia and we work hard to support them to ensure that these decisions are taken very carefully. To this end, we get in touch with universities and colleges and sometimes have lengthy discussions with them about the most suitable pathway for the student concerned. Whilst communication may occasionally be more difficult across the time-zones, our responsibility to help the student make the best choice for them remains exactly the same. We currently have students, for example, attending or holding places at the University of British Columbia, University of Toronto and McGill University in Canada, as well as Macquarie University in Australia and Wellington University in New Zealand.