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High School

Welcome to the St. John’s High School section of our website. Every one of us in our High School is enormously proud of our school; our values and traditions and our fifty year history in academic and personal excellence. We are also proud of our students and their many achievements. We hope you will enjoy looking at the photos and short films which give a flavor of what it means to be a student in High School here at St. John's. If you are interested in our High School, no matter the age of your child, please do visit in person to meet our staff and the students who make it such an exceptional place to work and learn.

Our purpose is to ensure that our students acquire the skills and qualifications needed to take ​them on to the next stage of their education and the confidence to meet challenges with joy and determination. 

We also want them to demonstrate a caring demeanor which marks them out as young men and women for others. This is what makes our High School experience at St. John's truly unique.

We know that our students will best flourish if they lead well rounded balanced lives and are given the opportunity to develop their talents to the full. Our curriculum, our sporting, artistic and musical programs are second to none.  We also have an incredible co-curricular and service learning program to complement our academics.

We delight in the diversity of our pupils who come with unique gifts, experiences and attributes which enable our school to grow. In our High School each student is known and treasured as a unique individual. We see a student as more than a set of grades or exam results. Our staff members have many years of experience in helping adolescents to grow and your child will make friendships here which will last a lifetime.

Please accept our welcome to the St. John's High School community. We look forward to meeting with you and accepting your child to this wonderful educational setting.

Simon Vanderkelen, Middle/High School Principal

For course descriptions and information brochures, please visit the Downloads section.