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For many children, Pre-Kindergarten is their first exposure to peer group interaction.

The atmosphere is warm, secure and a caring extension of the home. The teachers use a variety of materials and approaches that complement the PYP.

Emphasis is placed on fostering independence, imagination, creativity and learning through inquiry.

Students aged 3–5 are placed in mixed-age classes where the students learn at an appropriate individual pace, stimulated by a range of learning experiences. Much learning takes place through structured play and creative activities, as well as circle time discussions. The Pre-Kindergarten students participate in four Units of Inquiry each year (which are organized on a rotational basis). The majority of their learning in the core subjects is within the Units of Inquiry, as well as the development of age-appropriate transdiciplinary skills. The outdoor environment is seen as a natural extension to the classroom, and many learning experiences take place in the Timbertops grounds. Field trips are also used as a valuable opportunity to extend learning and to explore the local environment.

The Pre-Kindergarten program will offer a variety of activity centers including dressing-up play, home corner, creative craft activities, water/sand play, cookery and construction toys. Language will be stimulated through stories, finger rhymes, music and movement, and drama. Number readiness will be approached through hands-on or other oral activities. The Pre-Kindergarten curriculum is enriched through music, art, PE and library programs.

Children are encouraged to have a balanced and healthy lifestyle, supported by regular outdoor play sessions whenever weather permits. The Pre-Kindergarten also has a policy of encouraging healthy and varied snacks and lunches. A hot lunch option is available to all Pre-Kindergarten students. A quiet and comfortable environment is provided for those students who wish to take an afternoon nap.

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