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Early Childhood

Timbertops is our purpose-built, self-contained and safe campus for the youngest students. The students in TimberTOTS, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten have all their lessons within this campus. The campus features its own gym, library and art room. It also has a large garden for the students to play in, as well as a vegetable garden and chickens. Programs are full day from 8:35 to 15:25.

 A primary aim in this section of the school is to develop children’s awareness of their physical and social environment. An integral part of this program is to develop vocabulary, improve diction and encourage contribution to class discussions.

All activities serve to increase the children’s confidence and enable them to become independent learners.

Children will develop a feeling of belonging, security and self-confidence through successful completion of classroom tasks. The teachers will reinforce home values by helping the children develop respect for the property of others. Emotional and social development will be further encouraged by expecting the children to display friendliness and politeness to others and fairness in play and in conversation. They will be helped to appreciate adult supervision and to have respect for adult authority.

Children are taught basic motor skills in a safe environment through games and music. At this stage, it is important to establish foundations for healthy living. Social skills are developed through group activities where emphasis is placed on working as a team.

The Timbertops facility has its own library and the children benefit from weekly library time.

Students meeting particular criteria have the opportunity to follow the same curriculum in the Dual Language Program.