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St. John’s International School exists in order to provide an educational environment which is ecumenical in practice, and inspired and supported by Christian values. St. John’s:

  • fosters racial, cultural and religious harmony and tolerance while benefiting from the diverse background of its students
  • develops a conscious awareness of those less fortunate than themselves
  • welcomes all students from all faiths

Realized in a caring atmosphere, St. John’s:

  • fosters in each student a sense of personal worth
  • creates a caring community which is family-oriented and supportive of the best of family values
  • seeks a safe and secure environment for the physical and moral well-being of all its students
  • heightens student ecological awareness and their sense of responsibility towards world conservation

Where each individual is afforded the opportunity for optimal growth, St. John’s sees this growth, in all its aspects, as an on-going process that:

  • enables the students to express themselves clearly
  • encourages curiosity and independence of thought
  • provides a program according to individual needs, abilities and potential
  • challenges students to realize their potential
  • promotes physical development through an extensive athletics program
  • encourages creative and cultural opportunities in an enriched fine arts program

We believe that we must prepare individuals to cope with the complexities of a contemporary and rapidly changing society, thus St. John’s:

  • promotes a healthy lifestyle through an interest in lifetime sports and athletics, fostering team spirit and sportsmanship which will enable students to cope with the stresses of contemporary living
  • develops an open mindedness towards new technology
  • encourages the purposeful use of materials and techniques which will enhance the growth of the individual throughout life