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Dress Code

Elementary School uniform policy

Grades 1–5

At St. John’s Elementary School, we believe that a regulation school uniform projects an atmosphere of uniformity, pride, loyalty and equality among the student population. It presents an image of professionalism, encourages self-discipline and helps the children feel a part of "the team" at school. The uniform is obligatory. All items must be marked with the student’s name. Timbertots, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students wear home clothing.

All items should be purchased from our school supplier. A uniform sale shop is organized at the start of the year and again in January. Items can also be ordered online at


  • green polo shirt with school logo
  • grey skirt, skirt length 5cm above or below knee
  • grey trousers (not jeans or sweat pants) or shorts
  • grey V-neck sweatshirt
  • white/grey socks or tights
  • grey pinafore
  • grey cardigan
  • Shorts may be worn from April 1 to end of October


  • green polo shirt with school logo 
  • grey trousers or shorts
  • grey V-neck sweatshirt
  • grey or white socks
  • Shorts may be worn from April 1 to end of October


  • Plain black, grey or navy blue shoes
  • In mild weather, sandals (in the uniform colors) with back straps are allowed. No flip flops are permitted for safety reasons.


  • Long hair should be pulled back off from the face so as not to interfere with learning.
  • Hair should be securely tied back for all sports activities for safety reasons.


  • Stud earrings only are permitted. Nail polish, make up and tattoos are not acceptable.

Physical education

  • Black shorts
  • St. John’s school t-shirt
  • Gym shoes (worn only for physical education and with soles which do not mark the gym floor)
  • (Elasticated, non-tie or velcro closure gym shoes preferred for Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Grades 1 and 2).


  • A "Speedo" style swimsuit is obligatory for commune swimming pools where the students swim (i.e., not Bermudas).
  • In Belgium, it is compulsory to wear a swim cap (boys and girls).