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  Annual report

St. John’s International School is a “not for profit” organization, owned by Inspired, an international group of premium schools, educating more than 20,000 student on four continents. 

A definitive statement of excellence in private education, lnspired ( is a co-educational, independent schools group designed to inspire students to achieve their maximum potential in a nurturing, progressive academic environment. lnspired schools offer a fresh and contemporary approach to education by combining traditional teaching methods and curricula with a dynamic, relevant and powerful model that reflects current attitudes. The focus is on identifying and developing the unique individuality and talents of all students, building their confidence and equipping them to take on the world with the skills and self-assurance to ensure success. Each lnspired school has a strong reputation for academic, cultural and sporting excellence, encouraging students to learn in a relaxed, self-disciplined academic environment. All the lnspired schools have proven to be beacons of excellence with ground-breaking achievements in all aspects of their holistic educational provision.