St. John’s International School educates more than 800 students from 50 countries and is widely regarded as one of the best international schools in Europe.

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St. John’s has a consistent track record for achieving high academic results. We have a visual and performing arts program and facility which is probably the best in Europe today and our competitive athletics program is ranked 3rd out of 16 full ISST schools, far ahead of the other international schools in Belgium.


The St. John’s experience gives students, parents and teachers something that is very special—a feeling of unity, friendship and fun - a unique experience.



Students receive offers from prestigious universities

We would like to congratulate all our grade 12 students who have received offers from their preferred universities, but would like to mention in particular the two rare offers from Cambridge University, in chemical engineering and art history, and from Princeton and MIT.  


This year St. John’s “Festival of Mathematics” will be celebrated in all three sections of the school, with lots of stimulating activities, challenges and mathematics competitions for our students and parents. Take the challenge: http://www.stjohns.be/special-events/math-festival

50th Anniversary Logo

The 2014-2015 school year marks the 50th anniversary of our school. Many events are foreseen, starting 30 August 2014 with an "All Sports Day" and ending with an alumni reunion in June 2015. Dedicated 50th anniversary events will take place throughout the next school year, so please save the dates.  

At St. John’s, we believe that results really do count as we want our students to be able to take advantage of all the opportunities open to them. We have a track record that is the envy of many international schools both here in Belgium and around the world. This year is no exception: 63 students completed the full IB Diploma this year with a pass rate of 96,8%. Our top scorer obtained 43 points of a possible 45. Our average score this year is 34. The official world average score of 29,81 and pass rate of 78.54% were exceeded by a significant margin. Find out more details and our scores from previous years.