St. John's

Where each child is cherished as a unique individual.


The St. John’s experience gives students, parents and teachers something that is very special—a feeling of unity, friendship and fun - a unique experience.


St. John’s has a consistent track record for achieving high academic results. We have extensive arts programs with state-of-the-art facilities and a highly successful competitive sports program and facilities.


We are an inclusive school, and welcome children of all nationalities, faiths and cultures. 

Come for a visit to see if St. John's is the school for your family!



Exceptional IB results achieved by our graduates!

We congratulate our students on their excellent IB results: 62 students completed the full IB Diploma this year and gained a pass rate of 98,4% with an average score of 34.3. Our top scorer obtained 43 points. An impressive 87% of students obtained a score of 30 points or more, 58% scored at least 34 points and more than 14% scored 40 points or higher. For more details, visit

Large variety of summer camps at St. John's!

St. John's will offer a large variety of summer camps in July and August:

From June 29 - July 2 Coach Davis' basketball camp will take place. From June 29 - July 2 and from August 24-26, there will be a multi-sports camp. Click here for more information and to register for these camps.

From July 6 through August 21, SportVital will offer a large number of courses - for more information in French and English and to register, please click here.


Some 300 alumni of St. John's International School were back on campus this past weekend to attend the 50th anniversary alumni reunion. Three days of festivities and activities brought many former students from as far back as 1974 back to Waterloo and to the school they still have such a strong connection with. Read more details here.

St. John's now offers boarding

St. John’s is now able to offer boarding through a partnership with Berlaymont School in Waterloo. Boys up to age 14 and girls up to age 18 can apply for a boarding place from Monday morning through Friday afternoon.Contact for more information